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To be able to know exactly where your product is acurately is having ultimate control.

The product database is divided and subdivided.  Each product can be assigned a department and sub-department.  Each product can have one or many product types.  The product type is the unit of stock control and sale.  A product ie: A tin of red paint, The product types for that product might be 0.5l, 1l and 2l tins.

Products can be classified as serial numbered.  In these cases, all transactions relating to these items must specify a serial number.  The Goods Inward process needs to record serial numbers as do invoices and credit notes.  Within the service module, these serial numbers can be used to track the maintenance of serially tracked items that have been sold.

All items are barcoded and all movements can be handled using the barcodes.  Supplier references can be used as a secondary identification code.

Each warehouse can be divided into bin locations.  Any product can be assigned to many bin locations.

A unique feature of the integration between the Asset Management module and the stock Control module allows for the transfer of consumable items of the rental fleet.  The wizard handles the transfer of serial tracked items and non-serial tracked items.

The stock Control module has been extended to work with hand-held data capture when inputting stock into the system.

When your rental activity requires meticulous communication of equipment items and durations, the process of quoting for business can be more time consuming than delivering the service.  The facility to email a quotation will allow the sales team to quickly agree on specifics with customers.

While the SOP module allows sales focused operations to quote for products and services it also allows for rental operators to quote their function.

Once a quote is accepted, it can be converted into an order or a live hire contract.  This eliminates re-work where the communication with the customer is in one channel and the communication with the operations staff use a separate channel.

This module is referred to as the Three-way Match.  This relates to the three documents: Purchase Order, Goods Inwards and Invoice.  The system allows these documents to be matched.

For reporting purposes, any purchase order detail can be tagged with the Asset Reference of the item for which the products are being bought.

Purchase Order data entry links through to Sales Price Lists.  When a supplier expected price changes, this prompts the operator to update the sales prices associated with this product.

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