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Maintenance of Product in the industry is crucial

In the current climate rental companies are finding that maintenance of existing items is as important to their clients as it is to themselves.  Servicing and repairs have grown as a share of the turnover.  Applying good practice in the maintenance of ones own rental fleet has always been desirable.

The Service module has been designed to support the requirements of organisations who in addition to servicing their own equipment, offer the service to third parties.

The module also allows for the situation where the item that is being worked on may have been sold new or as in ex-rental item to the client.

Service records are maintained for fleet items and can continue after disposal to a customer.  The system can maintain service records for third parties using the manufacturer’s serial number irrespective of whether the item was purchased from this organisation or sourced elsewhere.

When repairs are chargeable, there is an option to produce a quotation for work prior to commencement.

The service jobs dashboard allows service managers to track progress in the workshop.  It also facilitates the assignment of jobs into lists for engineers.

Purchase Orders can be produced for items that are not in the regular stock system.

When integrated with the rental system, the service module will optionally quarantine an item when returned until a ‘Post Hire Inspection’ has been completed.

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