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Easi-Hire is a system designed for rental firms.  We have over 25 years’ knowledge about the rental industry and the requirements for ease of use within all the parameters.

Point of sale functionality is key to the system and can be configured to use barcode scanners for consumable items.  Till drawers and receipt printers can be attached to the workstation for point of sale

As a contract is being entered, the system is calculating the likely invoice total.  This allows the operator to provide customers with a complete price for the transaction from the start.  For cash customers the system will request a deposit.  This is held untill the contract is concluded.  When the contract is invoiced, any balance on the deposit can be refunded or any additional payment can be taken as required.

During contract data entry the system allows the operator to enquire on the availability of items at any location.  This applies to both rental fleet and consumable items.  Contracts can have a mix of rental, sales and disposal lines.  A disposal line is a sale of an item from the rental fleet.  This can be done directly on a contract or invoice.  There is also an option to ‘transfer to sale’ any item as a return is being processed.

End of day cash reconciliation is part of this module.  Distinguishing between smartcard payment and cash/cheque payments as separate bank lodgements.

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