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Whether its a new start or a migration

We offer unparalleled support from implementation to training and further future assessments ensure your business flourishes in the new system.

Implementing a new computer system brings significant benefits.  However, the path to getting the system operational requires effort on the part of everyone in the organisation.

We have been implementing rental systems for more than 25 years and we have devised an approach which minimises the disruption to the business and ensures that you are getting the benefits in the shortest possible timeframe.


Stage 1 – System Set-up and Data Take on.    We get the database initialised and populated with your data.

Stage 2 – Training.    We train your team.  Usually focussing on a key person who will, in turn, be available to train the remainder of the team.

Stage 3 – User Acceptance.  There are a growing number of configurations available, the user acceptance stage is designed to get agreement on how the system should behave.

Stage 4 –  Go Live.   Once the system has been accepted we are ready to go live.

Additional Training can be provided either on-site or off-site as you may require.  We have a number of online training videos which cater to the key areas of the application.

To ensure you get the most of the software, Jpointengineers are available to assist you with all aspects of using Easi-Hire.

In addition, to support via telephone and email, our staff can provide real-time support by means of our remote control software.

As part of working closly with our clients we are happy to undertake customisation to our software.

With our wide experience within the rental industry, we are often required to get involved in recommending procedural changes in our client organisations.

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stock control

The product database is divided and sub divided so that each product can be assigned a department and a sub department as well as having many product types.

sales order processing

 When your rental activity requires meticulous communication of equipment items and durations.lore.

purchase order processing

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At Jpoint, we are driven by innovation.
We are proud to bring you the best solutions for your rental business,
as we know exactly what is required for each sector in order to make
the entire machine run effortlessly.

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Plant & Tool Hire, Retail party Hire, Scaffolding & Fencing

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