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handle point of sale invoices, payments, rental queries, deposits and refunds from the same workstation.
hire and sales software
combining point of sale functionality with rental desk functionality

Over the years the system has grown in line with the customers’ expectations to provide point of sale functionality.
We have clients that operate full sales and distribution businesses
using Easi-Hire.


Implementing a new computer system brings  significant benefits.


Additional training can be provided,   either on-site or off-site.


To Ensure you get the most from our software. Jpoint engineers are available to assist you in allaspects of usuing uthe system.

easi-hire modules
The requirement for documentation in a rental business exceeds
In the current climate rental companies are finding that maintenance
To be able to know exactly where your product is acurately is having ultimate control.
Stock control
The product database is divided and sub divided.
The asset management module centralises all tools and reports
Easi-Hire is unique in combining Point of Sale functionality with Rental Desk Functionality.

The sales ledger is part of the minimum requirements for an Easi-Hire implementation.  Customers are distinguished between cash and credit accounts, seperatereports can be produced.

The customer enquiry tool provides a central base to handle most processes on the account.  The statuses of the accounts can be adjusted.  Facilities to update contacts, notes, sites and to enquire on the sales analysis for a customer are readily available.  Special features allow for grouping of accounts, which in turn can be cross allocated to any customer.

The tight coupling between the Sales Ledger and the Point of Hire module facilitates the management of credit limits and terms.  When these controls are in place User account authorisation is required to override.

The Aged Debt view provides a number of facilities which streamline the credit control process.  It is possible to order the aged in multiple ways.  Short cut menus allow you to email a staement, suspend or write off a customer as bad debt.  Credit control notes along with other analysis reports can be printed.

One touch options available for ‘Rubber Cheques’ and crediting invoices.

The Purchase Ledger is multi-curency with capabilities available to assign a Nominal account, VAT code and currency to each supplier.  Making invoice entry light work.  It is also integrated with the Asset Management system.

The system provides two mechanisms for paying suppliers.  In one way, the user can select the invoice manually for payment.  As each invoice is selected it updates the cheque value.  When complete, the user can enter a figure for discount which is allocated against the invoices and reduces the cheque figure.  The second mechanism is a wizard approach which shows the user the invoices which are both passed for payment.  The user can exclude inoices from the list, create paymenttransactions and allocate them against the selected invoices.  Both these mechanisms support cheque printing.  In addition, the system can produce a file for transmission to the bank who will process payments.

The Nominal Ledger’s provide a Chart of Account tool which is a central destination for enquiring and structuring the nomial.

The Ledger can be sub-divded into sections with parent account and child accounts .  This allows the Chart of Accounts to be present information in a summarised form.

In order to provide up to the minute trading information to multi-location operators, the nomial ledger supports cost centres.  Each location can be assigned a separate cost centre.  The trading account can then be viewed for the entire organisation or for a single cost centre.

The nomial module includes bank reconciliation functionality.  There are shortcut options within the bank reconciliation to facilitate entry of customer receipts, supplier payment, expenses or any other journals.  The bank recolciliation provides a review option allowing the user to change items on a bank reconciliation if an error was detected.

The system provides two mechanisms to handle final account adjustments.  One is a prior year adjustment journal, the second is the facility to modify the opening position for the financial year.

At Jpoint, we are driven by innovation.
We are proud to bring you the best solutions for your rental business,
as we know exactly what is required for each sector in order to make
the entire machine run effortlessly.

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