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Purchases Ledger


The Purchase Ledger is multi-currency. It is possible to assign a default Nominal acount, VAT code and currency to each supplier. This make the entry of invoices quite simple.

The Purchase Ledger is integrated with the Asset Management system. When an invoice is being posted for an asset, is it possible to match the invoice to the asset. This may cause a correction to the value of the item should the item be invoiced at a value different from what was expected.

The system provides two mechanisms for paying suppliers. In one way, the user can select the invoice manually for payment. As each invoice is selected it updates the cheque value. When complete, the user can enter a figure for discount which is allocated against the invoices and reduces the cheque figure. The second mechanism is a wizard approach which shows the user the invoice which are both passed for payment and due for payment. The user can eclude invoices from the list. The wizard will create the payment transactions and allocate them against the selected invoices. Both these mechanism support cheque printing. In addition, the system can produce a file for transmission to the bank who will process the payments.

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