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The requirement for documentation in a rental business exceeds that of most other businesses. While ignatures book-end the rental period, quite often a signature will also be taken when an item is exchanged during the rental period.

Customers' requests for proof of delivery put a onorous demand on rental firms. Collating end of month statement and invoice runs could take days of effort.

We have built a suite of programs which integrate a document scanning system with our software.

Counter dockets can have barcodes printed on them. These dockets when signed by the customer can be scanned into the document management system.

The customer enquiry tool can be used interactively by a credit controller to retrieve documents which relate to a particular invoice.

At end of month, the Statement and Document run can retrieve these dockets also. On a customer by customer basis the system allows you to specify the method of communication: either print, email or both.

Using this system, some of our customer’s have been in a position to reduce the end of month workload and costs by as much as 80% using email.


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