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Sales Ledger


The sales ledger is part of the minimum requirement for an Easi-Hire implementation.

Customer are distinguished between cash and credit accounts. Separate aged debt reports can be produced.

The customer enquiry tool provide a central place to handle most processes on a customer’s account. The status can be changed from Normal to Suspended. A customer can be written off as a bad debt or recovered.

Facilities to update contacts, notes, sites and to enquire on the sales analyis for the customer.

Special features allow for grouping of accounts. When accounts are grouped payments can be cross-allocated between any customer in the group. The system generates the required journal automatically.

It is also possible to specify that the customer is consolidating invoices. Consolidation options are by customer, by site ( delivery address) or by contract. This reduces the number of invoices on the account as what might have been many invoices on the ledger are consolidated into one.

The tight coupling between the Sales Ledger and the Point of Hire module facilitates the tight mangement of credit limits and terms. When these controls are in operation ( they can be turned on or off) the intervention of an authorised operator is required to override.

The Aged Debt view provide a number of facilities which streamline the credit control process. It is possible to order the aged debt in a variety of ways. Credit control notes can be printed on the report. The view allows you to double-click and load a customer’s account directly. Short cut menus allow you to email a statement, and suspend or write a customer off as a bad debt.

The Easi-Hire Sales Ledger shortcuts the bad debt write off process. It is not necessary to create credit notes for all outstanding balances. The system generates bad debt write off transactions which appear both on the customers account and on the vat report. The reverse is done when bad debt is recovered.

One touch options exist for 'Rubber Cheques' ( bounced!) and crediting invoices.


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