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Implementing a new computer system brings significant benefits. However, the path to getting the system operational requires effort on the part of everyone in the organisation.

We have been implementing rental systems for more than 25 years and we have devised an approach which minimises the disruption to the business and ensures that you are getting the benefits in the shortest possible timeframe.

Stage 1 - System Set-up and Data Takeon.

We get the database initialised and populated with your data.

Stage 2 - Training

We train your team. Usually focussing on a key person who will in turn be available to train the remainder of the team.

Stage 3 - User Acceptance

There are a growing number of configurations available, the user acceptance stage is designed to get agreement on how the system should behave.

Stage 4 - Go Live.

Once the system had been accepted we are ready to go live.


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Modular Components

Design template Accounting, Rental, Retail, or Workshop - choose the modules that make sense for you.

User Training

 We offer a range of training options, including on-site and self paced online tutorials.

Professional Services

 Joomlart Forum Our Professional Services ensure your installation or migration is a success.