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Why our own financials?

The rental industry is more complex than straight-forward sales businesses. The details of the rental invoices are more complex and as well as a delivery document there is a return or collection document also. For example, our financials allows our customers to view / email invoices directly. The invoices detail exactly what item was on hire and between which dates. This means that a credit control agent can access the precise information and email copy documents during a conversation instead of calling the customer back when the information has been retrieved from another system.

When the document management system is integrated, proof of delivery documentation is also at their finger tips. Requesting copy invoices and proof of delivery are quite often just opportunities to delay the payment process.

Many of our customers have multi -locations. Within our Nominal ledger, each branch is assigned a cost centre. The Trading account can allow the operator to view the Trading account in total or per cost centre. This gives the company an up to the minute trading statment for each location.

The management of the assets is the hub of a rental business. The Purchase Ledger allows invoices to be tagged with the Item of equipment that they relate to. This greatly reduces the effort in Asset Reconciliation.

Disposal of an asset is a reasonably complex accounting process. By incorparating this functaionality into our system we allow counter operators to dispose of equipment items and the nominal updates required are handled automatically by the system.


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